Casino rama poker tournament

Casino rama poker tournament casino property maps

Def not the best, but I've played in far worse structures too. Below is the remaining schedule for the best-value live tournament that I know of.

If someone doesn't hate you, you're a wimp The field composition makes up for the lack of amazing structure anyway. I liked these games, the structure was a little short stack, but if you are any good with your push fold then you will be fine. Last edited by BlondeFish; Jan 20, at The thing I like the most was the time to play the tournament from start to finish!

Casino Rama's 5%-raked $+$15 bimonthly Monday tournaments will be back in starting on February 8 and If Irunit4times, DirtArse. Casino Rama Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament on Aug 28, in Orillia, Canada at Casino Rama. CASINO RAMA TEXAS HOLD 'EM POKER TOURNAMENT at Casino Rama Resort in Rama, Ontario on Mon Mar 21, PM EDT.

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